New Year 2012 FX Audio

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Audio Effects to make sure everyone knows when its New Year at the party!

** Trigger a sample to hear Londons Big Ben strike the hour at New Year

** Then trigger the bagpipe-style audio track of the Scottish traditional song Auld Lang Syne

** Alternatively trigger both these samples to hear Big Ben strike the hour leading straight into Auld Lang Syne


I have DJd at parties at New Year and its difficult to to signal the moment when new year comes.

This year it will be a breeze with New Year FX Audio. I can hook my iPhone up to the mixer with a standard audio cable, or just let the app play in the iPhones built in speaker and hold a mic up to it. Or if you are at a party just hook your iPhone up to the sound system there in the same way you would if you were playing songs from the iPod.

You can test the samples before the hour to make sure the level is right. Each sample is triggered by clicking a play button, and you can stop the sample at any time without needing to play it all the way through. Its an important moment, so you have to make sure the audio is set up correctly!

If the vibe is right, launch the bagpipe-style Auld Lang Syne song sample too. This is a really famous song so people are bound to know at least the chorus. The words for the song are included in the app in one of the main sections anyway. I stay in Scotland myself, and we dont generally know the words to all the verses either dont worry!

Countdown ends with Big Ben striking new year.

A specially recorded bagpipe-style version of the traditional new year song Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns can also be triggered.

The app includes the words to the song Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns. This is your chance for all present to sing along!

All audio content created specifically for release in this app.
Version of Auld Lang Syne recorded by Paul Wallace, Glasgow, Scotland.
Audio mix combining new year countdown recorded and mixed in Glasgow, Scotland by Neill Ritchie.
Please note the lyrics for Auld Lang Syne are in the public domain as the songs copyright has expired.